Tori (She/Her)

Hello there, I'm Tori! I am an aspiring art director and designer based in Toronto. There is a story to be uncovered about everything. The simplest things in life can oftentimes be the most meaningful. My work highlights this through simplistic colour palettes, clean bold lines and authentic imagery, allowing the stories, communities and brands to shine through. Sustainable design practices are important to me as I spend much of my free time outside hiking, camping, and snapping a few pictures along the way.

Role: Art Director.
Graphic Design, Strategy, Multimedia, Branding.

Let’s stay in touch:

“At my core - ToriCore”.


How is woman’s health impacted by climate change? What can we do to change the way it is impacting us through community and education in a way that supports climate action. These were the questions that served as the building blocks for this project. Seems like a lot to take on, and you’re not wrong. The in the end the project blended elements of research, strategy, brand development and design and translated it into a multi-media launch campaign. Now let me introduce you to Period. Period is a sustainable menstrual brand that works to educate menstruators on the impacts of climate change and their health and build a community that supports adaptation and climate action.