Drew Horsman (She/Her)

Hello! My name is Drew (she/her). I’m heavily driven by sustainability and social change and am working on developing my personal brand as a marketing strategist under the name undergrAD. I’ve always had a strong passion for the arts and English, which is funny coming from a majority left-brained family. I love to design, although my main career focus lies with research, gaining knowledge and developing strategic solutions to creative problems. Unlike how math has only one right answer, with advertising everyone receives the same brief and approaches it differently, reflecting their own unique backgrounds and personal style.

Role: Strategist.
Research, Marketing Strategy and Creative Design.

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“Earthcore (an aesthetic that revolves around the idea of creating a harmonious ecosystem while also advancing in knowledge and technology. It works to admire the beauty of nature and life while also improving human civilization on Earth in ways that can benefit all parties)”.


MECO is a non-profit organization offering free educational content online through their website & social media. Their goal is to make sustainability more accessible to the everyday consumer by providing those struggling to switch to more eco-friendly lifestyles with the proper tools for success; as well as empowering their unique individual journey (ME) towards collective action (CO).

MECO is launching a free lifestyle app in the new year to increase engagement with the brand; in addition to building more personal relationships with their consumers by being with them every step of the way throughout their sustainability journey. It sets itself apart from the competition by offering a variety of features including a habit tracker, real rewards, an explore page for MECO resources, and a customizable tree that grows the more they progress which appears in a forest with friends' and family's trees.

The app will be advertised as a way for consumers to stay grounded when feelings of helplessness overwhelm them, giving them tasks they can actually do to help and rewarding them for their healthy habits. Ads will appear on Instagram with the hope of reaching 18-25 year olds who are statistically most affected by eco anxiety.