Madelaine Henriques (She/Them)

Hi, I'm Madelaine. I'm a multi-disciplinary designer, artist and creative. My practice is centered in self-expression while exploring identities, sharing new perspectives and working towards meaningful change through design. 

Role: Jack Of All Trades.
Diversity, Graphic Design, Research, Social Change.

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“At my core - conscious-core”.


Technology, specifically artificial intelligence, is becoming increasingly relevant in all aspects of life; Algorithms control not only our apps and targeted ads, but also the way we are perceived (and perceive) the world around us. Self-Aware is a campaign which aims to shed light on BIPOC experiences with AI, providing a space of self-reflection, education and awareness. Through print mediums, this campaign acts as an offline opposition to the harmful cycle of AI and data collection, as well as a prompt to ask ourselves "What does our future look like?"