Samantha Hewer (She/Them)

Hi I'm Samantha, and I make cool things. Broad, I know. But honestly, my numerous specific talents allow ME to be broad in the ways I apply myself. I make cool things in my current professional life, I can write about almost anything and tell you why you need it in your life, I can build brand aesthetics from the ground up, and I can also just keep on listing my talents until you stop reading. But who am I? I'm a disrupter. I like to upset the flow of things, because I know it can always be better.

Role: Copywriter.
Branding, Copywriting, Layout Design, Packaging Design, Graphic Design.

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“Tiredcore (?): Take some rando word that moderately describes your existence–I guess. I'm TIRED!! Tired of art school, tired of the planning committee, tired of the administration. It's all very...tiring. Not to mention I'm tired of traffic, I'm tired of violent crimes on the TTC, and I'm tired of weird Gen Z trends and buzzwords. No, I'm tired of EVERYTHING! So instead of taking things as they come, I like to disrupt, to help my tiredness”.

Blot – For Menstruating People

Blot is a period brand for people who menstruate.

Hold on. Where did this all begin though? Growing up as a menstruating person, I was always thinking about why I had to hide my period, or why commercials used blue liquid when periods aren't blue (not these ones anyway–art joke). I continued to realize that there is an unbelievable amount of misinformation along with a lack of inclusion in period marketing and period conversations. Then during my 2nd year, my prof for Digital & Mass AD Design, Glenn Takeuchi, called my use of a red popsicle for an ad for Aspirin "repulsive". That did it, that set it in stone for me. I set out to find answers and create a solution for such attitudes and problems surrounding menstruation.

So, Blot is a creative and innovative design aid that aims to give a voice to those who, historically, have been shamed and even excluded from the period landscape. Blot is here to give presence to those who have been excluded– in period product marketing, packaging, conversations...anything that has to do with periods.

This one's for you Glenn.