Iyanu (She/Her)

Iyanu Ajagunna is an Art Director and Strategist born in Dublin, Ireland and currently based in Toronto, Ontario. Iyanu became interested in art in elementary school, producing work in traditional mediums such as acrylic paint until 2019, when she decided to attend OCAD University's Advertising arts program, where she elevated her interest in the story behind the works as well as work themselves. She began creating work in a multitude of mediums including photography, clothing, and digital art.

Role: Art Director and Strategist.
Research, Illustration, art direction, sewing.

Let’s stay in touch:

“Iyanu-core is anything with a story behind it. If the reason for it existing is just as important as it's existence then it's iyanu-core. If it can be reimagined in a multitude of ways, it's iyanu-core”.

Tribal Nigeria

Tribal Nigeria is a project designed to help people who are interested, understand Nigeria's history and the importance to Native Nigerian People, specifically each tribe of Nigeria, in Nigeria's history. The project takes into account the importance of hybridity in the past and present, but strives to allow Nigerian people to take a look into a part of their story that is often ignored, history.

My project includes a Tribal Dictionary that lists every Nigerian Tribe as information and illustration layouts to accompany the tribes who's research has been concluded. My project is visual and the reason for my medium is to catch attention so I also include something to catch attention, an Ankara dress, intended to be a reimagining of Princess Alexander of Kent dress that she wore to Nigeria's independence on behalf of the ex-monarch of Nigeria, Queen Elizabeth II.