Tricia Almeida (She/Her)

Tricia Almeida is an interdisciplinary artist based in the GTA. She is a graphic designer, a photographer, a wood worker, a poet and a facilitator. She is alway eager to try something new and is constantly seeking new learning opportunities.

Role: Photographer and Graphic Designer
Graphic Design, Photography, Public Relations.

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“At my core - Finding the true value of something”.

Tech Intervention

Over the years, technology is blurring the lines between work, home, and social lives, and parents are struggling to balance with it all. Because of this parents are constantly feeling like they are in more than one place at once, making parenting hard.

Though they may be at home they feel like they're still 'at work' and keeping up with their socials, all while trying to cook dinner and attend to their kids. They're overloaded and exhausted from being pulled in so many different directions all at once and this is all caused by technology.

It commands more of a parent's attention and requires a greater emotional investment. This significant emotional investment means that there is less of them available to invest in your kids. Thus, parents will try to find something that'll distract or calm a child, something in hands reach like a cell phone. However early tech use more than often transitions right into constant screen time as kids get older and can turn into a deadly addiction. It's so common that there is a word for it: phubbing, (phone snubbing). It’s the action of looking at a cell phone rather than interacting with the person you are with. This can harm a parent's bond with their kids and may also damage their relationship and their kid's future relationship with their romantic partner in the future.

This project aims to bring awareness to the situation that kids and parents are unconscious that technology is causing. Help and convince them to put down their devices and experience reality, rather than hiding behind a screen.