Ariele Roh (She/Her)

Humor. Humility. Humanity. I bring these to my copy writing and strategy which have been cultivated by my education to create advertising that not only entertains but sells products and services. Advertising creative that strengths branding through increasing the relevancy to a person’s daily experience. through copywriting, art direction and strategy on a multitude of platforms. Creates content that not only engages new audiences but to kick back and stay awhile. The world can feel suffocating but my goal with advertising and UX is to integrate ways to make anyone walking in world to take a laugh- and thus take a breath. We all could use that.

Role: Copy Writer.
Motion Design, Service Design, Strategy, Research, Inclusive Design.

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“ Constellation-Core - Burn bright with hard work, aim high by pushing conventions and illuminate with research. Only when we understand where in proximity between the stars, where we are in proximity to each other and close distance using connection, that is when we find direction in the dark.

Tim Horton’s: Unconfirmed

Tim Horton’s has been accused of lowering the quality of its baked goods in recent years- the answer is to advertise the fact all of Tim Horton’s donuts are now baked fresh in every store, every day with bakers.  However, facts in 2020 are contested- the world being a sphere, the tenants of democracy, cellphone towers, distancing- nothing is sacred, and no one is to be trusted- except the familiar, like your friendly Tim Horton’s .  Additionally, Tim Horton’s needs to stand out in the saturated field of fast food. The last time Tim Horton’s slightly drifted from their usual tone with the Tim Biebs campaign, they a 14% increase in profit.

Let’s utilize the familiarity in the Tim Horton’s brand and have customers question fundamentals of Tim Horton’s food that they already know the answers too. They know it’s not made out of kittens, time travel, or witchcraft- and that fresh baking is more believable than all of this. Delivered in a campaign that will unfold over weeks to incite intrigue around Tim Horton’s, that will be answered with fresh baking!

The campaign will have different mediums strategically released week by week to garner interest in the mystery. First billboards will be released as they have the shortest tag lines to give a hint. Second release will be subway and construction posters that give more context but just enough to connect the pieces. Third will be the double spread magazine advertisement and instagram advertisements.  The last deliverables will be the YouTube and Radio advertisements, which will take the POV from Tim Horton’s employees revealing that it’s all just fresh bakers.