Nabila (She/Her)

Nabila is a queer, multi-cultural designer and artist with a unique skill set. She has successfully completed four years in OCAD University's advertising program, which has helped shape her multifaceted approach to her work. Nabila's practice includes photography, design, illustration, and ultimately innovation, making her a versatile practitioner. Her worldview is one that champions cultural and ethnic diversity and advocates for the human truth, motivating her to create impactful work that makes a positive difference. Her passion for her craft and dedication to creating meaningful work sets her apart in her field.

Role: Jack Of All Trades.
Art Direction, Creative Strategy, Interactive Advertising.

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“At my core - Edge”.

For the future

While there are many devastating issues around the world that need dire attention, we often forget about ourselves. Albeit the world is literally burning down around us, there is still beauty in play and joy, which are all too easy to forget. However, the only way forward is finding that silver lining, that keeps us going. A positive attitude, for a positive future. We all have to start somewhere. Nabila’s project is a collaboration with Betterhelp, focusing on mental health and resilience for the future of OCAD U graduating students, using tarot card readings as a tool.