Alina Danilyuk (She/Her)

A UX Designer with a passion for making digital experiences more accessible and inclusive. With a background in print design, she transitioned to web design and spent five years at a digital agency building tools, websites, and dynamic videos. Her work is driven by the belief that a way to inclusivity is through accessibility.

An aspiring design memes collector who is constantly participating in usability testing. Nothing brings her more joy than checking out a new app of the day on an early breezy morning.

Previously worked with Samsung, Scotiabank and Sun Life.

Role: UX Designer.
User experience, ux research, data analysis, information architecture and accessibility on the Web.

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“At my core - staying true to myself”.

Elsewhere with Apple

In what ways can technologists illuminate liminality to guide digitally trapped users back to physical realization?

New in iOS 17 is an application called Elsewhere with Apple that focuses on liminal design principles that address the problem of users being contextually unavailable by providing them with immersive and engaging experiences that allow them to escape the constraints of their physical environment.

View prototypes and process work here.