I am an art director in-the-making with a love of typography and a knack for motion design. My work is driven by culture, curiosity and foresight... oh, and shower thoughts. Other things that inspire me include: Andy Warhol, niche internet archives, old magazines and music.

Role: Art Director.
Motion Design, Graphic Design, Typography, Branding, Research.

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“MISCELLANEITY (miscellaneacore) - Just the right amount of chaos for creativity to thrive”. 


Intune is a digital platform designed to help teens understand and navigate their often confusing emotions by drawing insights from their music-listening habits. It acts as a "musical journal" that helps users connect with their feelings, and gain unique insights into their emotional state through the lens of their favorite songs, turning that newfound understanding into an empowering tool when in comes to opening up about emotional health.