Kayla Frankel (She/Her)

Hey friend! You've found my GRADEX108 profile - nice!

I’m Kayla, a curly blonde energy-ball full of excitement, questions, and aspirations. My inspiration comes from everything around me; the music / entertainment I consume, the transit I take, the media I swipe through, the people I meet, even the trash I see. I find something interesting in everything.

My passion is to create and with my skills in Adobe suite, photography, and copywriting, I’m able to do just that; create and explore the world as I see it.

Enjoy your stay on my page - and maybe I'll hear from you soon.


Role: Art Director / Copywriter.
Creativity, undeniable, event, #creativieoverflow, unrestraint, motivation.

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“Hyperactive and excited blonde energy meets childlike wonderment”.


Cr8tiveOverflow is an end-of-February event that helps Creatives gain the extra motivation needed to push past any Creative Stifling that has been holding them back, and create anything beyond their wildest dreams. It’s time we let your ideas OVERFLOW!

The collective passions of participants (you guys!) motivates others to join in and further explore their own ideas, forming a united creative community in which everyone's talent is undeniable and unrestrained.

This event stands for three things:

1) To help Creatives combat Creative Stifling.
2) To help grow Creatives’ passions into motivation, and from motivation into action.
3) To push this notion: There should be nothing stopping a Creative from creating when they have the passion to do it - Prove to others that "No Talent is too Small! All Talent is Undeniable!"