Jaiden Le Gier (She/Her)

Just a former theatre kid who chose to write words instead of performing them. I’m quite the talker but have translated that into the way that I write. Whether it’s something fun, something serious, or something informational, I’ve got the words to support it. I’m also no AI, but I promise you I’ll work 100x harder than any bot. I’m a simple writer trying to keep the art form alive through copy that gets stuck in your head like an earworm.

Role: Copywriter.
Copywriting, Creative strategy, Branding, Public relations.

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“Mom-Core - The one that everyone relies on, keeps them on track, and has everything they need in the pocket of their bag”.


Inaccessible. Underfunded. Unappreciated. Arts education has been neglected for far too long. It may not be STEM, but it nurtures all the vital, real-world skills applicable to all subjects and yearned for by future potential employers.

Hidden in the intersection of arts integration and minimal funding was the opportunity to combine core curriculum with arts subjects. Creating workshops that can seamlessly aid pre-existing curriculum while introducing arts skill building teachings. Because we’re here to aid curriculum, not change it. Being someone who got to experience the arts throughout all of my school years, I now have the opportunity to use the skills I have gained from the arts to advocate for those less fortunate. Now more passionate than ever that all kids should have the opportunity to explore the arts, regardless of income or location.