Akash Tucker (He/Him)

Akash Tucker is a published photographer and creative thinker currently based in Toronto, Canada. To Akash, honesty is everything: his work focuses on telling stories and capturing emotions that feel raw and vulnerable. No fluff, no bullshit. Whether it's in Toronto's jampacked nightclubs, his favorite Mexican restaurant, or his grandparent's home, Akash unearths the essence that is hidden deeply within people and places he connects with.

Role: Jack Of All Trades.
Photography, Social Commentary, Research, Domestic Abuse.

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“At my core - honey”.

"Dar Mat" (Don't Be Scared)

This photo series is called Dar Mat (dur-muth) which translates from Hindi to Don’t Be Scared. Dar Mat challenges the silent suffering that victims of domestic abuse experience, specifically in immigrant South Asian-Canadian households. In my research, I found that patriarchal value systems in South Asia, like shame and honor, were taught for generations and many South Asians who immigrated here and raised families, passed on those same values. Many taught their children that ‘It’s okay for your parents to hit you, you deserve it. If you tell anyone, not only will you get hurt more, but you will bring shame and dishonor to your family amongst our communities, so keep your mouth shut, or risk being disowned.’

In an effort to challenge this generational trauma and encourage young South Asians to open up and accept healing, I created a series of photographs that documented my own survivor story from living with my father. I’m choosing to share it publicly to build awareness, encourage open dialogue, and show people that it’s okay to seek out healing. I want to let my South Asian peers know that they don’t have to be scared anymore, dar mat.