Claudia Cui

Hi! I'm a multilingual designer with many hats — product designer, art director, graphic designer, photographer — and believe in collaboration and empathy as a starting point. I have come to learn that a solid research process and goal are also crucial for any good work.

I am currently focusing on using my design thinking skills in the context of user experience, with my graphic design background. Above all, I love creating new challenges for myself and meeting people from different cultures — learning through communication and interaction.

Role: Jack Of All Trades.
Product Design, Research, User Testing, Design Systems, Strategy.

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“At my core - Bloomcore”.

Clue Cycle Events on Google Calendar

Recently, there has been growing awareness on how periods alter our physical and mental state. Research shows that many are uninformed about how their changing cycle can relate to their mental health and impact their daily life. With this project, we wanted to explore bringing menstrual data into an everyday context.

People we interviewed brought up the concern that period tracking is often only done and contained in one app. Unlike many health or workout apps, there has been less emphasis to create integrations or add-ons for menstrual trackers. With this integration, we aim to give Clue users an easy way to keep track of their cycles in alignment with their busy schedules.