Richard Singh (He/Him)

Richard Singh is a multi-media/ multi-medium artist/designer recently graduated from OCADU with a Bachelor of Design (BDes) degree Majoring in Advertising and Minoring in Expanded Animation as well as Printmaking. Richard’s OCADU adventure began in 2013 as he sought out to explore different media/mediums for himself as an artist, but also to think in different ways as a designer to help his clients with their vision for whatever their needs. Over the years at OCADU he has taken any opportunities that has come his way working with Toronto bands, comedians, record labels, and has displayed work in various Toronto locations.

Role: Art Director.
Video/ Animation, Graphic Design/ Illustration, Printmaking, Installation, Photography.

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The Revenge of Aqua Fiends: Clear Water/ CLASS

My biggest print to date was created this year at 36” by 56”. This screen-print on mylar with Jacquard Ink is about the importance of drinking water and how we overwork/overindulge ourselves ingesting all this junk when all our bodies beg for is water to survive. Expanding on that idea after printing an edition of 6 and seeing the little imperfections that make them unique in their own way. I decided to glitch the edition digitally using text edit then animate them together to show that these imperfections make them what they are. I would then project the animation on a print to make this point of just loving yourself and who you are.

CLASS is a collective of comedians, visual artists, and musicians. Its current members consist of myself, Dylan Bonneville, Zack Hayward, Deshaun Molloy, Cameron Kirk, Baylee Bonnell, Emmett J. O'Neill, and Andriy Komarnytskyy. We organize shows, and videos that have the look of variety shows utilizing the combination of mutual friends of local Toronto bands, comedians, but also surrounds the audience in an immersive experience of being surrounded by art.

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